Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Losing weight AGAIN, October 2012, 85kg, 18kg to lose!

I am the heaviest I have ever been, 85kg (which is only 4kg shy of my 9month full term pregnancy weight!). I was 81.5kg after giving birth and have put on 3kg since then.

I feel heavy and weighed down. I want to take control of my health again. I want to be able to run faster. I don't want back ache. I want to fit into my old clothes.

I am back using fitbug.com, plus have just bought the book "The Hairy Dieters" (loved the recent tv series). And of course will keep going with my running. Will also start again on doing yoga at home and my davina fitness dvd. It worked for me last time (ie in 2005, when I got to under 10.5 stone!)

Before getting pregnant with Patrick, I got down to 76.5kg (which was my weight before getting pregnant with Markus). But my goal is to be 67kg (ie 10.5 stone), with a first step of getting to 75kg. So, just 19 kg (ie just under 3 stone) to lose :-)

I am going to track my food and exercise and post here weekly, to keep myself accountable.
Any ideas, support, gratefully welcomed!
Tags: health, weight

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