Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Chris and Drew come to Zurich :-)

My "little" (6ft!) brother Chris brought his son Drew (4.5years) to stay with us in Zurich. The flat was a little cramped (three boys in the bedroom, Chris on the sofa in the lounge), but it was a great weekend. The last proper sunny weekend of the summer.

We took the train to the airport to visit the kids playground and lounge, then had lunch in a restaurant built around a real plane! Chris had brought Markus a red balance bike and the boys played in the garden. Markus followed Drew around like a little shadow, in awe of his big cousin :-) We took a boat ride on Lake Zurich and had a picnic in the park. We made gingerbread man and decorated them. A very special weekend!


Tags: family, guests, summer

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