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My goal for the Greifenseelauf today with bestest mate Sal was to run the whole 10K and to overtake at least one man (they started 5mins before us). We overtook 4 and I didn't walk, not even up the hills. Up the one long hill, I just chanted to myself "run fat bitch, run!" The weather was great, cool, grey, with a little drizzle. A week ago I really doubted I could run it, but did 3 runs last week. I am so proud of myself. Here are our results

10K in 1hr 14m 30s
1213 out of 1262 women in the 10K
366 out of 384 women in my age group (30-40)
If I am tempted to think about how slow I was, I remind myself that out of running, fit 39 year olds, I rank quite low, but against all women of 39 years, I am doing just fine! I can run a 10K whilst working 80%, and after having 2 kids! I am proud to still call myself a runner.

Sal was very generous, ran at my (very variable!) pace and kept me running, even up the hills. Just to put it into context, she runs 1hr 10Ks and has done a 10K in 56 minutes :-)
Oh, and Sal is this Sal, and she is doing Comrades again in 2015 - I will be there!

We haven't run a race together since London in 2000 and it was a great experience. Our treat is going to the Zurich spa tomorrow!

The last time I ran the Greifenseelauf in 2006 it was in 1hr 3mins
409 out of 647 women in the 10K
112 out of 189 in my category (women in their 30s)
Amazing to see how much the race has gone!
more here
Previous running history here


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Sep. 23rd, 2012 09:01 am (UTC)
Congrats! :)

I kept looking for you, but I couldn't see you. :)
Sep. 23rd, 2012 09:32 am (UTC)
"I can run a 10K whilst working 80%, and after having 2 kids! I am proud to still call myself a runner."

-- too bloody right, woman. You should be justifiably proud of yourself. And no walking, even up those hills! We've all done "Action of running", in fact I distinctly recall Jen and I muttering that to ourselves as we laboured up a hill in Sutton Coldfield in June one day. And indeed, in terms of women of your age, you have done fantastically.

Be proud of yourself. Be proud that you're a good role model to your sons - and to other women. You're not the first, you're not super-speedy, but you get out there and do it, and you put your all into it. Oh, and you overtook men, too!
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