Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Monday with my boys!

Gretchen Rubin, one of my favourite writers, says often "the days are long, but the years are short" and this post is to remind me of the happiness, laughs and challenges in my Mondays with my gorgeous boys.

Today was the first Monday in ages that I've had the day alone with them. We made it playgroup (amazingly!), did shopping on the way home and I then prepared lunch. In the meantime, Markus painted the floor and his legs with felt tip pens. The floor cleaned up nicely, he didn't. After both had a good lunch, we start the proctraceted negotiations of the nap. Patrick goes to sleep, Markus doesn't, until we yell at each other (I know, bad mummy!) and then amazingly all 3 of us sleep for an hour and half.

good humour is restored by our restorative nap. After nap, Markus and Patrick find my cds and take them out of the cases. Then I drag us all out to the local playground. Markus rides his "Like a bike" like a complete star. At home I cook for them and cook stirfry for us. Complete pleace from the boys room, I think "great, they're playing nicely together", but when I peep my head round the door, both of them are nibbling chalk from the outside play box. Aaaargh. Alan rings and has a proper conversation with Markus, who sits on the stool, telling Daddy about his day. When Papa finally gets in, boys are fed, teeth cleaned and Markus still wants Mummy to read bedtime story. In all, a very good day - "sweet dreams are made of this" in the words of some 80s popmaster.

Brothers in arms at the park. Mondays are thirsty work, the Moran brothers share a drink!
Monday with my boys (2) Monday with my boys (1)
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