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Happy Birthday darling boy!

Dearest Markus
Hard to believe that you are three years old today and that you were once the little baby in the photo above. Today we celebrated your birthday with a family tea, balloons, presents and a gingerbread man tshirt and cake. The gingerbread man is your favourite story at the moment. We gave you a bob the builder helmet, tools and a sit on digger for your birthday. You sang happy birthday to yourself and blew out the candle.

Since Patrick's birthday in July, you have known that your birthday is next and that you are three and Patrick is one. Tomorrow you will wear your birthday tshirt and take the gingerbread man biscuits into nursery to celebrate with your friends and staff. And in a few weeks we will have a party for you.

You are a glorious light in our lives. Thank you!


All birthday photos are here


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Aug. 18th, 2012 09:33 am (UTC)
Lovely - happy birthday dear Markus! Such a sweet picture (I have a similar one of Matthew aged 38 somewhere!!)
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