Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

"There's nothing like a real book" - On the joy of books & bookshelves!

To celebrate the fact that my bookshelves are finally rearranged and organised (see below), I wanted to share a few cool book related things from the internet.

These beautiful stop motion films feature two bookcases rearranging themselves and the "madness" then spreads to a bookshop. Cool music, colourful books, warm fuzzy feeling inside :-)


And then I found some beautiful bookcases that I'm lusting after, especially this one, which actually takes over the whole room.

Finally I scanned an article I found about how you organise your bookshelves and what this means about you and your relationship to books :-) Alphabetically? By colour?
My shelves are grouped thematically, then by author and now again aesthetically by spine. What about you?

Tags: article, books
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