Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
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Patrick's Christian / Buddhist Blessing

first row, l to r P with Claire, Admiring his cake with Karen (cake decorator extroadinare), P with Sal
second row, l to r P with Godmother Mags, P with Godfather Chris (P in the family chistening gown), P with Papi and Kerry
bottom row, l to r Family and friends in our flat, Shogan blesses P with water, P with Godmother Irene

Posted a month late, but here are the photos of Patrick's Blessing, which took place on June 16th 2012.

There is an african saying - It takes a village to raise a child - and this weekend we had our whole family together, blood family, UK family, Zurich family. We felt blessed by everyone who came to celebrate Patrick's blessing with us. My parents, Alan's sister Irene, Chris and Kate, Sal with Ish, Mags, Kerry, Katie, Young family, Alison Cutler and family, my friend Jill who again hosted our apero in her Jalle studio.

Friday evening my Mum, Dad, Sal, Ish, Irene and Mags arrived. They didn't all stay with us, but we did have an impromptu little gathering in the flat. Lots of lasagne, red wine, gossip. perfect.

The Blessing took place at 2pm on Saturday. We met at the Zendo (Buddhist temple) round the corner, where Alan regularly meditates. His priest Shogan led the blessing, assisted by my sister Kate, who bonged various bells and read teh christian liturgy. The blessing lasted about 20 minutes and was a mixture of both faiths. We named Patrick, blessed him with water, named his three godparents and chanted.

Afterwards we had to walk into town in the blazing sun, meeting the Gay Pride festival along the way! I had ordered food and bought prosecco, wine etc and we all met at Jill's gorgeous studio. Toasts, food, cutting christening cake, perfect. Chris and Kate left in the evening to return to the UK, Irene returned to Dublin. The rest of us went to our local italian restaurant, my Mum kindly babysat for Ish, Markus and Patrick. We came home to find both Patrick and my mum curled up asleep on the sofa!

Sunday was brunch at Imagine with my parents, Sal and Ish, Mags. Very chilled. Sunday afternoon we opened presents and gradually everyone left and returned home. It was so lovely having everyone together in one place. For Markus we tried to have one ceremony, but the icelandic volcano wrecked our plans (April 2010), so we had two ceremonies, one in Zurich in May and then one in London in June 2010.
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