Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick, week 52 :-)

Patrick is one year old in 2 days time, I seriously can't believe it! Time seems to go even faster second time around.
Patrick aka "Joey" - How YOU doing? Patrick looking bashful!Patrick looking bashful!
week 52 (1)week 52 (2)
He is now crawling, cruising, trying to walk - in short, being a holy terror. Fascinated by himself in the standing mirror (tries to bring it down on himself). Plays with the dvd player, eats dirt out of the plant plot. Throws my books around. Tries to stand without hand, then realises he can't as he plunges bottom first to earth. He is obsessed with opening and shutting drawers and doors and has got his fingers stuck a few times already :-( Favourite trick is to sit himself behind the front room door, thus making a very efficient door stop and draught excluder. When it all gets too much, he is sent to the containment device, aka the door frame bouncy aeroplane!

He babbles a lot, talks to us. When we tell him off (see above), he just just chuckles and smiles, and his little dimples break my heart. He has a very cheeky chappy persona. His hair is finally growing a bit and showing signs of some wave / curl around his ears. He has mega ticklish spots behind his knees :-)

He still loves breastfeeding, but the number of feeds is dropping, thank goodness. And he is finally sleeping again through the night, ie from 2130/2200ish to 0600ish. 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth are through. Markus and he play together nicely for a few minutes, before Patrick grabs the toy and Markus yells "no Patrick"!
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