Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - June 2012

hurrah, Papi Saturday time! Hubbie is in lounge with 2 boys watching muppets you tube videos, giving me 10 minutes for breakfast and blogs!
8:43 AM - 2 Jun 12via web

grundig mixer has had its virgin voyage and passed the test - christening cake made, now waiting to be baked this evening...
1:14 PM - 3 Jun 12via web

quick shower and lunch then off to birthday party in the mountains - hurrah! Happy Birthday A :-)
1:14 PM - 3 Jun 12via web

quiet hour to myself in Starbucks with laptop and photos, thanks to lovely friend K :-)
11:37 AM - 4 Jun 12via web

christening cake is finally in oven - will take 5 hours to bake, hope the 10 days of prep is worth it!
2:10 PM - 4 Jun 12via web

patrick finally rolled from back to his front at 10.5 months and is very nearly crawling!
4:42 PM - 4 Jun 12via web

loving a hour to myself at home - little sister is staying this weekend and is picking up the boys :-) I'm now paying the bills!
6:20 PM - 8 Jun 12via web

having a sneaky drink on csfe. lively sister on nephew duty. hubbie at mba again!
11:24 AM - 9 Jun 12via txt

on train to bern for 5k frauenlauf - thk goodness for sbb and their family carriage with playground :-)
10:51 AM - 10 Jun 12via txt

waiting to get into start pen! my start is 1215.
11:52 AM - 10 Jun 12via txt

ready to go! pic.twitter.com/KY0cKj8b
12:07 PM - 10 Jun 12via Photos on iOS

Finished Run with @runmeter, on frauenlauf 5k bern route, time 35:20, 3.31 miles, see http://j.mp/KIv1nD , average 10:41.
12:56 PM - 10 Jun 12via Runmeter

red in face but very proud of my time in 5k bern frauenlauf :-) pic.twitter.com/IwyfNzvl
12:57 PM - 10 Jun 12via Camera on iOS

Hurrah for running Mummy! http://j.mp/LEDfMF
11:55 PM - 11 Jun 12via LiveJournal.com

less than 2 hours to go before hubbie arrives back from 3 day trip - the reinforcements are on the way. I am knackered!
8:35 PM - 14 Jun 12via web

day off! flat cleaned. washing done. trip to spa. outfit bought. now waiting for first tranche of guests to arrive :-)
3:11 PM - 15 Jun 12via txt

scorchio day in zuri! off to pick up boys early and then play in the park...an ice cream might even be on the cards!
5:32 PM - 15 Jun 12via txt

a beautiful day for p's christian buddhist blessing. guests arrived safely yesterday. just waiting for my brother and sister this morning.
9:02 AM - 16 Jun 12via txt

it takes a village to raise a child and today our "village" was here with us in Zurich to bless Patrick. Perfect day, full of love & warmth!
9:41 PM - 16 Jun 12via web

Finished Run with @runmeter, on Sihl, Allemand, u... route, time 53:06, 4.66 miles, ahead of median run 1:18, see http://j.mp/KusRHf .
8:31 PM - 17 Jun 12via Runmeter

Baby P finally started crawling just shy of 11 months - Fri 15th and he was truly mobile :-) 2 mobile boys, 2 diff directions, 1 busy mummy!
10:07 AM - 18 Jun 12via web

omg its 8am and we have all been awake since 5am :-( tired!
7:56 AM - 23 Jun 12via txt

great employee event at cs on social media and business. v engaged employees, leaders and external speakers :-)
7:36 PM - 26 Jun 12via txt

had a half day and have just paid bills, been to post office, cleared inbox and sorted intray! Order in my life has been restored...
4:19 PM - 28 Jun 12via web

rare evening out with hubbie! off for posh meal and fine conversation :-) thx goodness for friends who babysit!
8:02 PM - 28 Jun 12via txt

best walk to kinderkripepe ever - 6 diggers, 3 dumper trucks, 2 cranes, 3 trains & a happy small boy :-)
8:18 AM - 29 Jun 12via txt

quiet day in office, ticking off tasks from my long list of to dos :-)
10:24 AM - 29 Jun 12via LinkedIn

awful day - toddler with high temperature and we had a power outage from a dodgy light fitting. And hubbie out all day. Next?
4:09 PM - 30 Jun 12via web
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