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Patrick, weeks 48. 49 and 50

Week 50, 49, 48
week 50 (188x250)week 49 (188x250)week 48 (187x250)

Patrick started crawling on June 15th, the night before his blessing. And the best part of it was that my parents, Alan's sister, and three of my best mates were here that evening! Since then, he has just got faster and faster. He can stand up with support, or stand up holding the stool (see below!) He babbles away, laughs, claps and is a very contented baby. We had our parents meeting with the Kinderkrippe and they said he was a very easy child to look after. He now has 4 teeth on top, 2 on bottom and another two coming at the bottom. He is biting less when he feeds (thank goodness) and loves his solid food. Today I tried homemade rice pudding, which was a big hit! And we have finally moved him to his big cot in the boys room, and now cleared the bedside cot away. He now just wakes for a feed at 5am, so I usually just bring him into the bed, so that I can continue to sleep :-)

Again I am reminded that being a mum is a mixture of push and pull. I am so pleased that he is able to sleep in the other room, that he is growing up. I am sad because I can't roll over and watch him sleeping. Happy because we have our room and our bed back. Sad because this means he is no longer a dependant little baby.

Blessing photos and post to follow soon....

Patrick stands... Soon to be walking I think!
IMG00054-20120628-2042 (188x250)
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