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Jubilee weekend gratefulness!

IMG_4731 - Copy (250x188)
Patrick, Markus and I waving our flags at the Viadukt street party on Saturday!

* making eggy bread for markus
* seeing and hearing sheep at bocken (our corporate training centre)
* making 3 new connections at work event
* friday night take away

* taste of home: Pimms and scones with clotted cream at Viadukt street party
* my friendship with Jill
* joy of boys at swimming
* going to sleep at half eight

* markus excitement at being in a red car
* finally getting cake made
* celebrating A's birthday with friends!

* smell of cake baking
* Kerry babysitting so that I could spend time in Starbucks
* sorting my photos and being grateful for all the time i spend with my boys

I think I might do a weekly snapshot/gratefulness post here on Livejournal, but each day I will list my reasons to be grateful on idonethis (as well as main things done!)