Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Decisions, decisions...

Today's decision: Uninstalling Microsoft Office

I really did NOT want to have to do this, this weekend, but needs must! My laptop (3 years old, 20gb hard drive) is having a relapse, and I'm trying to prevent it going terminal. I've got 2 partitions. C should be just for the operating system (6gb) and D for apps and data (12gb). However, as time has gone on, I forgot and installed things onto C. In the last weeks, I've got down to 50mb on C and the system really doesn't like it. So today I unistalled as many programmes as I could and then eventually decided that at 250mb I should really kill Office and then move it to the D partition. Uninstalled fine, and have just run disk defrag - it took 5 hours! Fingers crossed that Office reinstalls again on C otherwise I am truly, truly f***ed, sorry, in the doo-doo.
Tags: journaleers, writing
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