Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - April 2012

beautiful spring weather, blue skies, more evening light - time to get running again I feel!
2:45 PM - 1 Apr 12via web

Finished Run with @runmeter, on a new route, time 1:09:27, 4.53 miles, see http://j.mp/HdMLzh, average 15:19.
6:28 PM - 1 Apr 12via Runmeter

Run, fat bitch, run.... http://j.mp/H8c8oW
9:57 PM - 1 Apr 12via LiveJournal.com

busy weekend, tired mummy with two boys on a Monday...
11:27 AM - 2 Apr 12via web

Finished Run with @runmeter, on Sihl then Allemand route, time 1:01:19, 4.08 miles, see http://j.mp/HmDkBT, average 15:01.
7:15 PM - 6 Apr 12via Runmeter

back from run and now scoffing a hot cross bun - yum, yum!
7:32 PM - 6 Apr 12via web

IMG_7728.jpg http://flic.kr/p/bwefjU
11:04 PM - 6 Apr 12via Flickr

My small boy loves this video - helicopters, planes, fire, fire engine - what more do you need? :-) http://youtu.be/mjpTFxmGkus via @youtube
12:19 PM - 7 Apr 12via Tweet Button

Finished Run with @runmeter, on sihl, rietberg, l... route, time 51:05, 3.34 miles, average 15:17.
2:39 PM - 7 Apr 12via Runmeter

Happy Easter - it's snowing here in Zurich. Choc eggs have been eaten, boys now hyper after indoor egg hunt!
12:21 PM - 8 Apr 12via web

Very excited to find a new restaurant in the large park close to us! http://www.forkandbottle.ch/come-dine/
12:28 PM - 8 Apr 12via Tweet Button

Finished Run with @runmeter, on Sihl, Allemand, u... route, time 56:45, 4.20 miles, ahead of best run 4:35, see http://j.mp/Hrsqed.
4:11 PM - 8 Apr 12via Runmeter

just cooking an easter roast! slow cooked lamb
4:22 PM - 8 Apr 12via txt

boys are out, flat is cleared, dishwasher on, mummy now out for run/walk :-)
5:13 PM - 9 Apr 12via web

Finished Run with @runmeter, on sihl, rietberg, l... route, time 47:02, 3.49 miles, ahead of best run 4:03, see http://j.mp/IaT8sn.
7:52 PM - 9 Apr 12via Runmeter

Running update http://j.mp/InBFgH
9:43 PM - 9 Apr 12via LiveJournal.com

quickest morning yet - hour amd a half between me getting out of bed and leaving house with boys :-)
8:30 AM - 10 Apr 12via txt

this is what friendship looks like! time and space in studio to do some life planning :-) http://pic.twitter.com/BrQR1M9E
11:32 AM - 14 Apr 12via Photos on iOS

why do toddlers wake even earlier at weekends? now been up 2 hours and its only 0830! yawn :/)
8:42 AM - 15 Apr 12via txt

Love this clip, all about "new media", only in swiss german though :-) http://www.forsterehrler.ch
10:07 PM - 19 Apr 12via Tweet Button

off to lugano for day for work :-) early train, yawn!
6:34 AM - 20 Apr 12via txt

must be spring and i must be losing weight - wearing a skirt for first time in ages :-)
6:35 AM - 20 Apr 12via txt

going through gotthard tunnel. 10 years to build at human cost of 470 lives :-( marvel of engineering in 1870
8:42 AM - 20 Apr 12via txt

grey weather on uri seite, brilliant sunshine and blue sky out of tunnel in tessin :-)
8:43 AM - 20 Apr 12via txt

missed train, but for that i get to enjoy this view of lugano! http://pic.twitter.com/IdaZjsxs
2:47 PM - 20 Apr 12via Photos on iOS

some excellent advice on modern day manners and etiquette! http://www.inc.com/eliza-browning/business-etiquette-rules-that-matter-now.html
10:31 PM - 20 Apr 12via web

this weekend i am a mba widow as hubbie starts his course :-)
8:39 AM - 21 Apr 12via txt

wonder of wonders! both boys asleep at same time :-) quick sit down and nice cup of tea with lunch i think!
12:55 PM - 22 Apr 12via txt

Finished Run with @runmeter, on Sihl, Allemand, u... route, time 50:42, 4.32 miles, ahead of best run 3:42, see http://j.mp/Ignucg.
9:52 PM - 22 Apr 12via Runmeter

this is a wonderful time lapse video of baby to 12year old in just over 2 mins! http://vimeo.com/40448182
8:05 AM - 24 Apr 12via web

Finished Run with @runmeter, on Sihl, Allemand, u... route, time 46:12, 4.49 miles, ahead of best run 4:30, see http://j.mp/Im4tBW.
9:52 PM - 25 Apr 12via Runmeter

Springtime in Zurich and everyone here on the 2nd floor at work is busy spring cleaning! Dump those old binders, focus on what ie essential…
9:38 AM - 26 Apr 12via LinkedIn

in the mountains for the weekend with e, a and a :-) sun shining and beer free beer, perfect :-)
4:53 PM - 28 Apr 12via txt

chilled sunday morning in unteriberg - brunch, pancakes, playing with iphone apps :-)
12:58 PM - 29 Apr 12via txt
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