Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - March 2012

Have updated the barge book @BlurbBooks: Travels on Vrouwe Alberdina http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3024048?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=bookstore-share
10:06 AM - 1 Mar 12via Tweet Button

toddler has eye infection and will be tormenting me at home today! Plus 4 battles a day with eye drops until Tues :-(
8:24 AM - 2 Mar 12via web

Toddler and I are loving this muppets popcorn clip - Pop! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvDvTnTGjgQ
8:34 AM - 2 Mar 12via web

"peppa pig" is doing my head in :-( Plus the tune is stuck in my head, it's an "ohrwurm" (ear worm) as we say in German!
11:52 AM - 2 Mar 12via web

am loving the Guardian advert based on 3 little pigs :-) http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/feb/29/guardian-tv-ad-open-journalism?intcmp=239
12:39 PM - 2 Mar 12via web

Hurrah for the Girl Guides! http://j.mp/xEoHc2
1:32 PM - 2 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

This day will be greatly improved by: Happy and well children, plus an awake husband!
9:39 AM - 3 Mar 12via web

newsflash - baby P has found his feet! They are SO fascinating and SO tasty to chew :-)
9:40 AM - 3 Mar 12via web

Toddler M has discovered the art & joy of picking his nose and then giving Mummy the contents :-) Better than eating it I 'spose!
9:42 AM - 3 Mar 12via web

lovely lovely film about breastfeeding! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MvAHd1tzuiA#!
11:50 AM - 3 Mar 12via web

Toddler M has scarlatina - high fever and rash, but is actually in fine spirits!
12:02 PM - 5 Mar 12via web

we are loving the swedish chef making popcorn and in fact made some ourselves yesterday! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvDvTnTGjgQ
12:11 PM - 5 Mar 12via web

Baby P now has two sharp bottom teeth - time to rethink the feeding strategy :-)
9:41 PM - 5 Mar 12via web

Patrick, weeks 32 and 33 http://j.mp/w84cwq
10:42 PM - 5 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

Monday creativeness :-) http://j.mp/y5dsRY
11:04 PM - 5 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

just had a fab afternoon at the Hurlimann spa with best Zurich mate kerry - feel v relaxed now :-)8:45 PM - 6 Mar 12via web

setting up my new iphone 4S - very excited!
9:52 PM - 6 Mar 12via web

a day off with my hubbie and not a sprog in sight - hurrah :-) Trip to Klee museum in Bern, Lunch, proper conversation - bliss!
9:04 AM - 7 Mar 12via web

just downloaded first app for iphone - sbb train times of course!
9:36 AM - 7 Mar 12via web

Lovely day with lovely hubbie, followed by first family meal oiut. We all had pizza, baby P ate some crust! No tears or tantrums, result!
8:56 PM - 7 Mar 12via web

still faffing around trying to set up my iphone! But having fun :-)
9:58 PM - 7 Mar 12via web

note to self - stop faffing, and get on with final push of decluttering!
9:57 AM - 8 Mar 12via web

aaarh - still faffing. Must stop!
10:57 AM - 8 Mar 12via web

just watched second part of "Make Bradford British" - found it really inspiring and genuinely moving...
11:13 PM - 8 Mar 12via web

last day of home alone freedom, before going back to work next week - focus Helen, focus and stop faffing :-)
8:36 AM - 9 Mar 12via web

Things to look forward to... http://j.mp/zoGcjv
8:49 AM - 9 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

On my bike! http://j.mp/xTQtPg
9:23 AM - 9 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

Taken myself to Lunch! Enjoying Sunshine, outside Seat and sneaky glass of prosecco. Life is Good :-)
1:33 PM - 9 Mar 12via Twitter for iPhone

Helen Palmer‏@nice_cup_of_tea

Am loving my new iPhone 4s. Wish i could work Out how to Turn Off pred texting and capitalizing!
7:16 PM - 9 Mar 12via txt

Making myself beautiful - today Hair Cut and Colour, Yesterday facial!
9:59 AM - 10 Mar 12via Twitter for iPhone

fresh from the hairdresser and now enjoying coffee before going home! http://pic.twitter.com/tIqxRRt6
11:59 AM - 10 Mar 12via Photos on iOS

boys are out, I am faffing onine!
11:21 AM - 11 Mar 12via web

Last few days of fun and freedom! http://j.mp/wnQo5G
11:39 AM - 11 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

"The Slap" bookreading at Kaufleuten http://j.mp/yIjlHh
11:52 AM - 11 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

cooking up a storm! 4 family meals on the go for next week :-) boys watching rugby...
3:45 PM - 11 Mar 12via Twitter for iPhone

4 meals cooked, three of which in the fridge ready to be eaten this week! I am cream crackered...
8:26 PM - 11 Mar 12via web

Patrick, Week 34 ... http://j.mp/xfhnO6
8:37 PM - 11 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

Tweeting in the gaps - February 2012 http://j.mp/xeoBaE
9:05 PM - 11 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

starting last day at home of maternity leave, a day of playing, books, and a few bob the builder episodes I think!
7:58 AM - 12 Mar 12via web

Compliment from my friend - It was lovely to look after your boys on Saturday, very rewarding and uplifting to be with such lovely children.
11:09 AM - 12 Mar 12via web

Keep calm and carry on... http://j.mp/xpcHuP
9:13 PM - 12 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

Hanging out at the playground! http://j.mp/zaZDD0
10:15 PM - 12 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

make up on, just enjoying final cup of coffee and email check before leaving for first day back at work :-) Bring it on, I'm ready!
8:11 AM - 13 Mar 12via web

Bring it on! http://j.mp/xdEqZ7
8:16 AM - 13 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

back home after successful first day back at work :-) Feels okay to be back in the saddle...
9:04 PM - 13 Mar 12via web

oh, and had 1200 emails to delete. Now only 67 emails to deal with tomorrow :-)
9:05 PM - 13 Mar 12via web

and with a single bound she was in back in Zurich, rejoining the workforce. http://flic.kr/p/bCPckK
9:47 PM - 13 Mar 12via Flickr

Back at work after 6 months materity leave - good to be back... Looking forward to new role and new challenges!
10:49 AM - 14 Mar 12via LinkedIn

Work, children and sod's law http://j.mp/yMJYlK
4:17 PM - 15 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

both boys still sick, they played tag team during night, crying, coughing, pukingg :-( Now off to Dr to get pharmaceutical help!
10:06 AM - 16 Mar 12via web

Both sicky boys in bed, knackered parents on the sofa, thank f it's friday!
8:46 PM - 16 Mar 12via web

boys seem to be getting better, temps are down at least. Fingers crossed...
1:52 PM - 17 Mar 12via web

oops, forgot it was mothering sunday today - sorry my lovely mum! My boys didn't remember either, though :-(
1:27 PM - 18 Mar 12via web

just seen *the iron lady* - fantastic film, lots of themes about loss, memory, relationships - not just politics!
10:30 PM - 18 Mar 12via web

"I don't want to die washing up tea cups", the Iron Lady http://j.mp/x6b7Lo
11:55 PM - 18 Mar 12via LiveJournal.com

end of an era - my friend jill steps down as president of pwg after 5 years. happy to have served with her for 4 of those.
9:47 PM - 20 Mar 12via txt

first time doing the morning nursery drop off. will i get to work by 9? :-)
8:39 AM - 21 Mar 12via txt

suffering from horrible cold and possible ear infection - rats :-(
4:55 PM - 25 Mar 12via web

struggling through Monday with end of cold and ear ache. On plus side, beautiful sunny day, so off to the lake with the boys to meet friends
2:36 PM - 26 Mar 12via web

my perfect lunchtime spot! http://flic.kr/p/bGDErP
1:08 PM - 28 Mar 12via Flickr

glad it's Friday - just had a burst of energy from cycling home in sunshine ;-) Now off to pick up boys!
6:18 PM - 30 Mar 12via web
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