Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Markus at 31 - 33 months

Months 33, 32 and 31
month 33 (187x250)

These three months have seen such changes in Markus, is really becoming a proper little boy, rather than a toddler. Mind you, the tantrums are still quite frequent, especially if he hasn't had a midday nap! He definitely still needs a nap, just depends whether we can actually get him down to sleep or not. He is so full of character - he sings to himself, runs/jumps/kicks balls/catches balls, runs to get books to read and "reads to himself, loves Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank engine (thank goodness for youtube!) and his speech is really (finally) developing - he copies everything we say and is finally putting simple sentences together, even though they are now half english, half swiss german, with varying word order ie "Ich go kick ball"! The other day he told Alan "Ich habe dich lieb" ie I love you, in German. Still waiting for him to say it to me!

He is now really playing independantly and is full of imagination. We use the dining room chairs and quilts to make houses, boats, trains - but once i start him off, he leads the play. He is mostly lovely to Patrick, "Plays" with him, comforts him when he cries ("okay patrick" and strokes him on the head) - but, when both boys are tired, Markus is liable to hit out. The other day I caught him repeatedly slapping patrick on the forehead - I wondered what the sound was and caught him red handed :-(
He is also developing a sense of humour and learning how to use it - he calls us by the wrong names for comic effect!

can now
count to five
knows red, yellow, blue, green (says "breen" for green!)
plays by himself
imaginative role play - car, buses, trains, the cow train!

Wheels on Bus
Bob the Builder
Row row row your boat
Happy Birthday
Twinkle twinkle
5 Monkey were jumping on the bed
Keine Schiffli

noch eeis
other one
pardon me
cement mixer
wo mummy bag?
Huus baue
enough now!
mummy do that!
Ich habe dir lieb
this way
other way
ich go kick ball
ich auch
Patrick stay there
Patrick komm mit
That's a big book

Love Youtube - Thomas, Helicopters
Playing house - building tent with chairs and quilt
Playing trains with chair
Cow train - ie cow scooter, with pushchair on back, with a teddy passenger!

Schiffli fahre uf äm See
Schiffli fahrä uf äm See
Cha mer schöni Sachä gseh
Chund dä Wind und chunt dä Sturm
Wirft das schönä Schiffli um.
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