Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Nothing is more exhausting than....

Nothing is more exhausting than the task that is never started
Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project)

Although a nine month old who still wakes once or twice a night to feed is a close contender...

At the moment I feel that I am only just keeping up with my "real life" - I have been back at work 80% since Mid March and the transition back to working life has been relatively smooth. It's a good day when we all get to nursery/Work on time, with clean clothes and full bellies. I have just about got a good weekly routine going for cooking / cleaning / washing / shopping. Mr.ncot has just started his MBA (away every other weekend). Between us, we are doing okay.

BUT this leaves no time for blogging or photos. I have 500 photos to sort out from the last 6 weeks, plus 6 weeks of Patrick/Markus updates. And this is the task that is exhausting me! I feel so much better when I have regular time to write and "organise" my virtual life, but am just not sure where to find this time. I need to make this a priority though, as it makes me feel much more balance and sane.

Today I have the day off, so expect a few blogs and photo updates!
Tags: happy, quotes

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