Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

What I do with my time....

Sometimes i wonder what I get done with my (precious) spare time. Since being back at work, blogging has taken a back seat, even though I know that writing helps me retain my sanity. I seem to get from day to day, go to bed early, to try and get a jump start on the next working day. We are slowly finding our work rhythm and I remind myself that every day tthat we all get to work/kinderkrippe with full bellies and clean clothes, is an achievement in itself :-)

Running has taken a high priority - I want to lose weight, get fit again - because I know this has a good knock on effect.

And yet I feel so behind with my blogs and snapshots.

I note every day on idonethis.com what I got done that day, and here is a word cloud. I am pleased that my boys appear in big letters, but it also shows how much time I spend on running the family!
Tags: done, odds and sods

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