Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Running update

I am loving my runmeter app for me iphone - have completed 6 walk/runs since last weekend

Tues: Home to nursery, 1.32 miles, 19.38mins, avg pace 14.52 mile, fastest pace 10.33 mile

Weds: Home to nursery, 1.30 miles, 19.56mins, avg pace 15.19 mile, fastest pace 11.49 mile

Fri: Sihl/Allemand/Sihlcity, 4.08 miles, 1:01:19 hour, avg pace 15.01 mile, fastest pace 10.51 mile

Sat: Sihl/Rietberg/Lake/Canal, 3.34 miles, 51.05 mins, avg pace 15.17 mile, fastest pace 10.44 mile

Sun: Sihl/Allemand/Sihlcity, 4.2 miles, 56.45 mins, avg pace 13.31 mile, fastest pace 8.50 mile

Mon: Sihl/Rietberg/Lake/Canal, 3.49 miles, 47.02 8mins, avg pace 13.28 mile, fastest pace 9.24 mile

Plus, thanks to eating less carbs and getting more active, I have lost 2kg and am now (just) under the 80kg barrier (haven't been there since being pregnant with Patrick)! Am committed to doing three more walk/runs this week. Getting active makes me feel that I can deal with the rest of the stuff in my life!
Tags: health, running

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