Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

What I did on maternity leave...

... apart from care for my sons, obviously :-)

1 album converted
1 albums converted
1 blog post
1 load of washing
1 tape converted
1 tape converted
1 x washing
10 minutes rebounding
10 minutes yoga
14 emails sent
1st analysis of health insurance for 2012
2 amazon orders for christmas
2 blogs
2 blogs
2 bookcrossing reviews
2 loads of washing
2 loads of washing
2 loads of washing
2 loads of washing
2 loads of washing
2 loads washing
2 lots of shopping at Coop
2 more tapes converted
2 tapes converted
2 x walk, 2 x run
2 x washing
2 x washing
2 x washing
20 min walk x 3
20 minute walk/run
20 minutes + walk
3 blog entries
3 blog posts
3 blogs
3 hour nap!
3 lj blogs
3 loads of washig
3 loads of washing
3 loads of washing from holiday
3 loads of washing from holiday
3 loads washing
3 loads washing
3 lots of washing
3 tapes converted
3 x blog posts
3 x washing
3 x washing
3 x washing
3 x washing
3 x washing
3 x washing
30 mins walk/run
4 blog posts
4 emails (Liz dunn, karen, delia, katha)
4 loads of washing
4 lots of washing
4 meals cooked
5 emails
5 x washing loads
6 x washing
9 folders sorted
advent craft organised
afternoon at playground
afternoon nap
afternoon with Claire and Maya
afternoon with Karen
Alan's questionnaire
alan's shirts into dry cleaners
Amazon for Dad
amazon for me
amazon order
amazon order done
amazon returns
analyse sunrise bills
Andrea and Hector to visit
appt with Mietverband
AZ return parcel packaged
baby books updated
Baby swimming
Baby swimming
backed up Livejournal for 2011
backup on server completed
baked bread
baked bread pudding, bread and butter pudding, banana cake
baked carrot cake
Baked loaf of bread
bank forms Patrick
barge book edited
barge photos edited
barge project started
Bath and Bed for both alone :)
bathed baby
bathed Patrick
BC website updated
bed sheets from Tchibo
bedding packed up
Betty and Norah to visit
bike repair and basket
bills paid
bills paid
bills paid
bills paid
bills paid
bills paid and money checked
birth reg Patrick
blessing dates email sent
blog houswork
blog Last days of fun
blog patrick week 34
blog the slap
blog work and fear
blog 2011 that was the year that was
blog books read in 2011
blog Happy 2012 with 2011 snapshots
blog post
blog post
blog post happiness principles
blog post written
blog posts
blog tweeting in the gaps dec 2011
blog x 3
blogs x 2
blogs x 2
blogs x 6
bonus information and crying :(
Bookbinders return stand, gold and silver pen
bookbinders with jill
bookcrossing admin
booked Bruges Hotel
booked facial for end of Oct
booked flights
booked flights
booked haircut for 2 weeks time
booked restaurant for fri
books to brocky
bought & downloaded mp3
bought bags and presents for Kinderkrippe staff
bought blank DVDs
bought craft supplies
bought HP photo paper
bought iphone
Bought kettle and coffee maker
bought photo frame for newborn photos
bought potty, stool etc from Migros
Bought second hand pram sleeping bag
bought shoes for Markus
boxes to attic
boys bathed
boys clothes sorted
boys in hotel playgroup
boys in hotel playgroup
boys to playground
Breakfast and mornign with Mags and Mano
browsing in orell fuessli
brunch booked for Oct 23rd
Brunch with Claudia and Marcel
Brussels blog
Brussels weekend
bugger all looked after Markus and Patrick all day
bureau cleared, cleaned and sorted!
burn scnned photos onto cd x3
calculated how many outlook entries I need to edit!
Call avanex for copy of policy 0844 884042
call Susan
called avanex
called avanex and changed policies, ordered analysis for Alan, franchise can be changed until end of year
called Dad
Called Geri
called Kate
Called Medix
called miles and more
Called Sal re May dates
cardboard recycling
cardboard recycling
carrot cake
Cauliflower cheese made, 2 portions freezed
celebrated 11 years of marriage with cooked supper at home
changed bed linen
chased flowers order
chat with Jill
check in at HBF
Chemist for prescriptions
chilling with Sal
chocolate pear bread pudding
Christmas card
christmas cards
christmas cards written
Christmas cards written and sent
christmas crafts with Kerry and Jamie
Christmas email sent
Christmas meal at restaurant with family
Christmas stuff in cellar
christmas tree bought
Cinema trip
clean bed linen
cleaned fridge
cleared and sorted patrick's clothes
cleared bookshelves
cleared clothes
cleared desk
cleared email box
cleared email inbox
cleared email inbox
cleared emails
cleared emails in inbox
cleared flat
cleared fridge
cleared inbox
cleared inboxes
cleared intray
cleared intray
cleared intray
cleared kitchen
cleared kitchen
cleared kitchen
cleared kitchen
cleared kitchen
cleared out sports clothes
cleared pending emails
cleared up flat
clothes down from cellar
Clothes for PAtrick, handm, Benetton
coaching with Annette, plus translation help
coffee and cv with Katie
coffee at starbucks
coffee break
coffee with Barbara F
coffee with Delia
coffee with Eric
coffee with Jill and career chat
Coffee with Kerry
coffee with Kerry
coffee with Laura and Sienna
coffee with Melanie
collected markus
collected Markus
collected Markus
collected Markus
Collected Markus
complete clean of flat
completed 2 hospital surveys
completed degree folders
convert tape
cook curry
cooked chicken pasta bake
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked supper
cooked yummy chicken bake for supper, plus salad and desert
coop food
Coop mixer and rice cooker
coop shop
coop shop
coop shop
coop shop
coop shop ordered and delivered
Coop shop ordered and delivered
coop shop wtih Markus
Coop shopping for tshirts for patrick
coop, denner, tchibo
corrected and sent Annettes translation
Craft session at playgroup
crafts with Markus
created 2 new user pics
cried a lot
crop and edit scanned photos
davina 1 hour
davina 1 hour
davina 30 mins
davina 30 mins
Davina 30 mins
Davina 30 mins
davina 30 minutes
davina 30 minutes
Davina 30 minutes
Davina 30 minutes
Davos blog
Day at home with boys
Day at home with boys
Day in life blog
day out with Alan
Day with boys
Dec and christmas photos
decided on franchise
Decision made re Christmas in Bruge :)
Decorate tree
deleted Nokia program from laptop
delicious login problem solved
Demoulded and cleaned flat
Demoulded flat
demoulded flat
Denner for nappies
Denner for nappies
Dentist appointment
dentist appointment with Markus
Desert Island party
did recycling
dismissed the blues I was feeling
Doctor appointment stitches removed
Doctor's appt for Markus
Dr appointment
Dr appt with Patrick
Dr check up with Patrick
dr schmid for prescription breast pump
Dr visit for Markus
Dr visit for Markus
Dr visit with Patrick
Dr with Markus
Dr with Markus
drafted christmas email ready to send
drawers resorted
dresses sorted and put in attic
dropped both kids off at Kinderkrippe
Dropped off and picked up Markus
dropped off coat hangers
Dropped off Markus
dry cleaning
dry cleaning picked up
dusted living room
edit scrapbook photos
edited & filed scanned photos
edited Davos, Brussels, day in life photos
edited lj entries from July
edited lj tags
edited Markus month 28
edited outlook entries
edited patrick and markus photos and uploaded to flickr
edited uploaded and journalled
Elena for lunch
Elterngespräch Kinderkrippe
email draft re blessing for Patrick
email Jill
email Nicole
Email re preg books and cds
email re snowboard and boots
email sent again re muji return
email sent re engagement ring
email silke yoga on tuesdays
email to Becs
email to expats re books
email to Geri
email to kinderkrippe
email to muji
emailed alison cutler
emailed andrea
emailed eric re CS letter
emailed Jill with PWG role details
emailed Seipp re furniture / scratch repairs
emails and paperwork
emails cleared
emails re baby swimming
emails sent
emails sent re various things
emails sent x 6
emails to Claire, Melissa
emails x 10
entries edited
evening travel to Brussels
exchanged stripy tshirts at Sihlcity
exercises done
eyebrow shape
facial at Globus Spa
faff with iphone
Family brunch
family fed
family meal out in evening
family photo on 1st Jan 2012
family wall photos chosen and ordered from snapfish
fed and fed and fed Patrick
feet photos framed and on wall
few emails sent
finish family wall
finish year album
finished & uploaded barge book
finished clearing kitchen
finished converting tapes
finished editing outlook entries
finished fern picture
finished flickr uploads
finished scanning text messages
finished shredding
finished thank you cards
first edit of christmas photos
fitness w Katha
fitness with Katha
Flat cleaned by Petra
Flat cleared and cleaned
flat got cleaned
flickr and blogged photo
flickr snapshots up to date
flights booked for Feb
flights for May
folded and put away laundry
folders completed
folders ongoing
food cooked
food delivered
Food from Hester
food put away
food shop
food shopping in coop
Freitag bag
Freitag bag research
Freitag shop
front room cleared
furniture questions sorted
german folders completed
Globus eyebrow shape
Globus new box bought
good chat with Alan
Google playground with Markus
got flat ready for cleaning
Got foot stitched up
Got outlook upto date
grill with Youngs
had a bath!
hair appt
hair cut
Haircut Markus
ham and chicken bake cooked
hang coat hangers
hang names
hang pictures
HB to sell bags
HBF to investigate Bruges train tickets
Helen goes for a coffee and journal session in cafe
Hessnatur order returned, and new order sent
hired breastbump
holiday in davos
Home alone with boy!
home alone with boys
Hotel booking via email
hotel summary done
HR forms returned
http://helenpalmer.co.uk> updated
ice skating
ikea with piera
Imagine brunch booked for Sunday
info about bench for table
info about new sunrise abo and iphone
Interdiscount paper and new external hdd
into town to sell stuff
investigating Avanex insurance
investigating flights
investigation hotels
jamie and kerry to lunch
Jamie over for morning
Jan 6th Sarah BJ
Jemoli clinique
Jill at pub
Jill's party
jogged to pick up markus
Karen visits in afternoon
Katha fitness session
Katha training session 1 hour
Katie to visit
Katie's party!
Kerry and Jamie round
Kids and co party
kinderkrippe forms
kinderkrippe visit
Kinderkrippe with Patrick
kitchen lightbulb bought
KK with Patrick
lamb stew
laptop backup
laundry folded
lentil sweetpotato and spinach curry
letter to Liz
logged accident claim with work and rang Dr
long bubbly bath with glass of wine & glossy mag
Long phone chat with Piera
looked after both boys all day
looked after boys
looked after boys
looked after boys
looked after boys
looked after boys
looked after boys
Looked after boys all day
looked after boys all day
looked after boys all day
looked after boys all day alan into work
looked after kids all day
looked after kids all day
Looked for hat (lakeside, Fundbüro)
lots eating!
lots of nappy changing and feeding
lots of planning emails sent
lovely day with family and mags and mano
Lunch at Jelmoli
Lunch with Alan
lunch with Alan
lunch with Alison
lunch with Alison
Lunch with Christine Jordi and discussed role
lunch with Claudia
lunch with Daniele
lunch with Delia
lunch with family on the Uetliberg
lunch with Flo
Lunch with Gerry
Lunch with Jamie and Kerry
Lunch with Karen
lunch with Kerry and Ross
lunch with Melanie K
lunch with Shelley
made carrot cake
made moussaka
made polish cake
made polish cake
Made rice pudding
made supper
made, scanned and ordered christmas card
manually edited all calendar entries
markus bed altered
Markus haircut
Markus picked up
Markus pickup
markus sick
Markus sick, home all day
markus update
massage and herbal wrap
meal cooked
meeting at Kinderkrippe
meeting with Franz
meeting with Franz
meeting with Geri
Meeting with Jill re job prospects
mem card, sd card
menu planning
menu planning
menu planning
menu planning
menu planning for month
menu plans
menus planned
menus planned
met Debbie on tram
met Jen Staikos
met Jill
met Jill and Mum for coffee
met Kerry for coffee
met Susan and tessa for coffee
met Susanne Neeracher
met Tanja for lunch
met Zurich Mums
mobility car reserved for tomorrow
money and bills
money and bills
money and bills
money sorted
money sorted
monthly and week photos done of boys
Monthly server backup running
Moo card order
more tapes converted
Mug order
nails printed
nappies and wipes from Denner
nappies bought
nappies from Denner
nappies from Denner
nearly completed barge book
new montblanc refill for pen
new sync and phone/laptop are talking again!
new thank you cards ordered from snapfish
new user pics uploaded
Norton backups organised and done
nursed Alan
online coop shop and food planning for week
online shop
online shop
online shop
online shop
online shop (sheets, etsy, RED)
online shop ordered
order muslins
ordered alan's christmas presents
ordered Drew's birthday present from amazon
ordered extra prints snapfish
ordered irish passport form
ordered newspapers for boys birth dates
ordered nursing bras from Amazon
orell fssli mums birthday present
organised photo projects shelf
organised to do list in outlook
outlook backup
outlook edited
outlook entries edited
outlook entries edited
outlook entries edited
outlook entries edited
Pacific pie cooked for supper
Package for Andrea
Package for phoebe done
package pen with letter
packed for holiday
paid bills
paid bills
paid bills
paid hotel deposit
paid Jenn
paid Katha 2 sessions
paid passport fee online
paid tax bill for 2011
painter demould
paper chains
parcel to Ali
Park date with Laura
park with Markus
Passport photo done for Patrick
password disc created
patrick to kinderkrippe for 2 hours
patrick weeks 22, 23, month 5
pay bills from CS account
Personal Training
Personal training session
Personal training with Katha
phone call to Dr
phone call to Eric
phone call to Geri
phone call with Chris
phone call with Franz re role
phone call with Geri re role
phone call with HR woman re Eric
phone call with Kate
phone call with Mum
photo of patrick taken
photo prints ordered
photo(s) for 2011 in new album
photos into stickers
photos of boys uploaded
photos taken M & P
pick up boys
pick up boys
Pick up mattress
picked Markus up from kinderkrippe
picked Markus up from Library
picked Markus up from nursery
picked up albums and frame from bookbinders
Picked up book from Annette
picked up boys
picked up boys
picked up boys
picked up boys
picked up dry cleaning for alan
picked up from Kinderkrippe
picked up Markus
picked up markus
picked up Markus
picked up Markus
Picked up Markus
picked up Markus
picked up Markus
picked up Markus
picked up Markus from Kinderkrippe
picked up parcel from Post Office
picked up parcel from post office
picked up shirts
picked up Tchibo parcel
Pizza with Derby Palmers
planning conversation with Alan re holidays etc
play date with Alyssa
play date with Claire and Maya
play date with Daniela and Luca
Playdate with Andrea and girls
playdate with Andrea and Hector
playdate with Daniele and Luca
Playdate with Debs and Zack
Playdate with Kerry and Jamie
Playdate with Luca and Daniela
played in pool with markus
played in pool with markus and patrick
played with Markus
playtime in hotel
pmm update
pointsettia for Jill
polish cake made
post office
Post office
post office
post office to send pen
post office x 2
post sorted
posted card and gift tag for drew
posted photos to mum
posted thank you letters to Jill and Katie
potty training with Markus
pram pump found
prep for meeting
prepped craft activity for monday playgroup
print photo of drew and markus
print photos at Stauffacher camera shop
printed photos for fern display
printer cartridges changed
printer cartridges ordered
printer to cellar
Printing at Jills
professional photos ordered
professional photos sorted
pump x 1
pumped x 1
pumped x 2
pumped x 2
pumping x 2
put away clothes
put away kids washing
quick clean of front room
quick shop at Sihlctiy coop
rail tickets
ran to pick up Markus
ran x 2
rang cs re directnet for boys
rang Doctor
rang Dr re appt
rang Dr re markus
rang Geri again
rang Helene re birth of Hauke's son
rang Jenn
rang Kornhaus
rang Kornhaus verwaltung
rang Kornhaus Verwaltung re bell and kitchen light
Rang Mietverband
Rang observer re subscription
rang Pension fund
rang re baby swimming
rang Spa
rang Standard Life
rang Sunrise re bills
rang Swiss (not enough air miles!)
rang Swisscom re box
rang TA re paper for 14.08.2009
rang Tagesanzeiger re 14.08.11 copy
rearranged boys room
rearranged spa
rebooted phone
recovery in bed!
Recycled kitchen appliances
recycled paper
recycled phone
recycling done
red subscription
registered letter sent to kornhaus re mould
Registered Patrick with authorities!
registration baby swimming
relaxed afternoon and evening with Mags and Mano
relaxing bath
repair scratch on sideboard
repair scratch on table
rescheduled Dr appt for Patrick
reset categories
Resolutions for 2011
restaurant reserved
return freitag bag
return from holiday
returned 2 amazon parcels
returned Amazon parcel
returned Hess parcel
returned stuff at Migros
returned stuff to manor
returned stuff to Tchibo
returned wallet to Globus
run x 1, walk x 3
saved new photos onto phone
saved new podcasts onto phone
Scanned fern photos for frame
scanned mags
scanning of photos
scanning old photos
scanning photos
screws bought for kitchen board
shopped at coop
shopping at Stauffacher
shopping done
shopping for photo frames, photo stickers, jewellry tree, glass jar for mats
shopping for supper
shortlist of 4 hotels, emails sent
sick all day
sick all day :(
SICK, sick, sick
signed up to Mietverband
sleeping bag and 3 handbags listed on expatslist
slept in
slept int!
small coop shop
snapshot and flickr
snapshots edited
snapshots on flickr
snapshots sorted and uploaded
snapshots up to date
snapshots uploaded
snapshots uploaded
snapshots uploaded and journalled
sold books
sold freitag bag
some texts scanned
sort money and pay bills
sorted baby swimming
sorted barge photos
sorted bedside table
sorted boys' toys and books
sorted clothes
sorted contacts
sorted craft supplies and hung up kites
sorted filing cabinet
sorted friends and family folder
sorted itunes music
sorted jewellry
sorted magazines
sorted manor
sorted masters folders
sorted money
sorted money
sorted money
sorted money
sorted money
Sorted money
sorted money again
sorted money, paid bills
sorted new wallet
sorted out flickr
sorted out intray
sorted out mcafee problem
sorted out money
sorted out standard life problem
sorted photo favourites
sorted tasks
sorting photos for barge book
spa with Kerry
St Andrews Fair
starbucks for me
Starbucks with boys
started barge book
started on calendar
started on christmas cards
started on outlook
started outlook cleanup
started potty training
started researching family holiday
Stauffacher dry cleaning
sticker photos on wall
stuff taken to charity shop
subscribed to HBR
supper cooked
supper cooked
supper cooked
supper cooked
supper cooked
supper cooked
supper cooked
supper cooked
supper cooked
supper cooked
supper cooked
supper for Markus
supper with Jill
supper with Mags and Mano
Supper with Myrna
supper with Petra
Surprise lunch with Parents
sync phone
sync windows phone
sync working beautifully!
synced music onto mobile phone
tape converted
tape converted
Tchibo returns
Tchibo shop
Tea and mincepies on barge
tested cycle route and saddle adjusted
Text messages for M and P printed out
Thank you cards written
thank you letters written
Thanksgiving meal with Jill
tidied boxes away to sort later
tidied flat and vacuumed
tobaggan in evening
took Markus in and out of nursery
took patrick to KK and back
took Patrick week 19 photo
towels and bedding washed
town bought train track, Intelligent Life magazine, 2 water bottles for Markus
town Globus, Jelmoli, lush, Fundbuero
toy garage mended
Train to Bruges
translation checked for annette isenschmid
Travel to Brussels
Travelled back from Bruges to brussels
Trip to HBF to buy sunday paper
trip to HBF, bought paper
two blogs
uninstalled and reinstalled activesync
unpacked coop shop and sorted kitchen
unpacked shop
unpacked shopping
update menus and folder and shopping lists
updated baby books
updated calendar
updated login and laptop spreadsheets
updated snapshots
uploaded 2005 photos onto
vacuumed flat
vacuumed living room
various texts sent
visit from Raphie
visit to 4points to show patrick to team
visit to kerry
visit to Kerry with Patrick, Markus went out with Jamie and Ross
Visited Alison in hospital
visited Google Alison with boys
visited Jill with boys (all afternoon!)
walk by lake with Jill and boys
walk in village
walk to Sihlcity, few things bought
walk with alan
walk with alan
Walk/run for 30 minutes
walked 30 minutes +
walked half an hour
walked to pick up Markus
washed sofa cover
washing done
washing folder and put away
washing put away
Washing put away
washing x 1
washing x 1
washing x 1
washing x 2
washing x 2
washing x 2
washing x 2
washing x 2
washing x 3
washing x 4
washing x 5
washing x2
watch in for mending
weekly photo of patrick
weekly shop
went for run
went out for meal with Laura
went to Dr with Markus
went to post office
word list for Markus
work correspondence done
write in physical notebook 2011/2012
writing in Journal
wrote lots in personal journal
Year in pictures 2011
yoga and rebounding
Yoga session
yoga without baby

Tags: family

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