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Things to look forward to...

As I go back to work, I need to keep reminding myself that I will still have time to do nice things for my boys and me :-) I will appreciate my weekends and days off even more. I will look forward to picking up my boys at the end of each day :-) And I have quite a lot of holiday saved, so occassionally I will take a day or two off, to look after myself.

So here's my motivational, forward looking, treat anticipating list!

Enjoy spring as it arrives
buy digital photo frame
Meet A in Zürich
Weekend with friends
photo shoot Mar 25th
Photo album with J Mar 31st
Pizza with D & L
Visit A and H

Easter weekend
?UK April trip

Asia spa on May 7th
May weekend in London

Patrick's Blessing
Enjoy Summer!

2 week family holiday somewhere