Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
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Creative directions

Mr.ncot took the day off yesterday and we went to Berne on the train to visit the Paul Klee Museum. I knew there as a reason I liked Klee, see the stripy postcards below! There was an exhibition themed round childhood, with lots of line drawings of children, mothers, families. I really enjoyed. The centre piece was an oldfashioned fairground carousel, which was rotating backwards, very slowly! Mr.ncot wanted a go on it, but this was to be expected, according to the visitor notes...(See below)

I found wandering round the two galleries relaxing and thought provoking. The other exhibition explored the relationship between Paul Klee and one of his main patrons. The walls of this gallery had his line drawings and handwritten quotes. The one below says "I am my style" - a good principle to live by I think....I also loved his drawing of pregnant woman, thinking about her baby to be, suspended above her in a thought bubble. Not sure about the ears though :-) Tht title translates as "thinking about the baby to come"

We had time to wander together, to chat. When we got back to Zurich we walked into town and sat and had a drink together, before going to pick up the boys and then go out to supper as a family. Amazing how one day can revive you! Feel inspired to work more art and creative endeavours into my life...

"gehobener Horizont" 1932

"Nordsee bild" 1923

Gedanken an Nachkommenschaft 1937
Tags: mr.ncot, stripy, switzerland, the arts

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