Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Family Holiday in Davos, January 2012

We had a fab family holiday in January (16th to 20th) at the Kinderhotel Muchetta in Davos Wiesen. Although we were all sick in the days beforehand, we finally got there Monday evening, after 3 different trains (Markus was beside himself with joy!)

The hotel was well set up for families and provided everything we needed. We had a two room apartment and the hotel provided full board. I was so pleased not to have to cook :-) There was a baby club and a kids club and there were several play areas for the kids, including a massive indoor climbing frame and slide into a huge ball pool. There was also an attic room dedicated to lego and cars! Weds and Thurs we put the kids into the baby club for the morning and we managed to go for a walk and have a conversation together, whilst enjoying the mountain view. We also went sledging (not successful, markus screamed all the way done) on Wednesday evening.

Otherwise, we chilled, read books and generally enjoyed the mountain air. More photos here.
Tags: family, switzerland, winter

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