Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Career reflections, artistic impulses

Two weeks ago I went to the 5th anniversary party for Jalle, owned and led by Jill, one of my closest friends here in Zurich. Her company focusses on career and personal development.

During the evening (held at the Kunsthaus Zurich, a very inspiring location!) we were asked to choose a postcard that appealed to us. Later we received a card in the envelope, that asked us the following question:

If this art was created about my career, what would it tell me?"

I thought this was a fantastic creative impulse to help tackle an often difficult (and hard to access) area of personal development.

My postcard and answer are below!

Torben Giehler, Matterhorn (2002)
Tags: career, creative, friends, zürich

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