Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday, time for feasting, celebrating, then getting ready to fast. The weather is playing along - it feels like the first day of spring, a time for new plans, renewed energy, challenging myself.

Making and flipping pancakes (or perhaps drop scones on the griddle) will have to wait until tomorrow, as I am out tonight. I am attending my first Professional Womens Group of Zurich (PWG) meeting in almost a year. It felt good to have an extended break after leading the organisation for 4 years. Tonight is a tour of Swiss Television studios, with some prosecco to start and a buffet to finish. A nice way to celebrate.

And for lent I will be giving up desserts, snacks and booze. Let's see how that goes! Hoping to break my evening snack and sofa habit, hoping to finally start losing weight!
Tags: health, lent, pwg, spring, weight

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