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Helen Palmer

Markus at 29 and 30 months

Month 30, month 29

Our boy is changing before our very eyes! Not having updated for 2 months, we seem to have seen lots of changes. He only has his dummy at night now, not all during day, or even during journey home from Kinderkrippe- hurrah! He now say Patrick (rather than A-trick). He interacts even more with Patrick, playing peek-a-boo, holding his hand, making him laugh. Is completely obsessed with planes, we have flown twice to Brussels in last 2 months, and he loves the airport and flying.

His vocabulary is improving (see below) and he is copying lots of what we say to him, like a parrot. We had a speech check up at the Dr this week and she is relatively happy with him. He is about 6 months behind in terms of vocabulary, and needs to really start on 2 and 3 word sentences in the next 4 months. If we need speech therapy, it should start at age 3. But she was happy to hear that he is contantly copying our words and that he is actively showing us things and communicating with us.

Other milestones? Sleeping in big boy bed now since the beginning of January. He hasn't realised that he can get himself out of his bed, waits to be helped! He is also starting imaginative play / role play - mostly putting his toys to bed / them being asleep. Can get front key in door (can't turn it) and really helps with the pram when I am pushing Patrick. He is much more able to get his shoes and get dressed in hat, cat etc. With prompting, he can pretty much dress himself. We have been potty training on and off for a few weeks. He can pull down trousers and pants and likes sitting on potty and reading "Pirate Pete's Potty". Today he did his first wee and very little poo in the potty - so proud!

17.2.2012, aged 30 months (2.5 years)
Mami, Papi, Markus, Patrick, Baby, Boy

Basics / Everyday routine
Yes, no, Hoi, hallo, bye, tschüss, ciao, Please, thank you, bitte, danke
oh dear, all gone, kapput
One, two three (eiis, zwei drei)
Noises for vehicles, animals
Sleep, asleep, awake
Auch, mit, arbeit
Hand, head, teeth
Bread, carrot, milk, orange juice,
Coat, shoes, hat
Potty , nappy, poo, burp, shower
Eat, drink, ässe

Mehr, uffe, abbe, more, down, up, all gone, fertig, achtung, stop, wait, go
Come, stand up, sit down, hebe, helfe, aus, aussteigen, up, down
Ich auch! Mummy, come!
Mummy, Look!

Dog, cat, cow, pig, sheep, horse, duck, elephant, lion, hippo, monkey, giraffe, octopus, mouse, gruffalo, owl, snake, rabbit, Igel

Bubbles, ball, car, train, aeroplane, auto, helicopter, bus, bike, tram, kite, boat, star
Light/dark, asleep/awake, hot/cold , big/small, wet/dry, bad

Happy Birthday, Old Macdonald, Twinkle twinkle, mnah mnah, bob the builder, row row row your boat

At Kinderkrippe
Danke, Bitte, Nein, Ja , Nicht gerne / nöd gerne
Döfi bitte no mehr
Ist daheime
Hand geh
Fläsche hole
Achtung, Stop
Wickeln, Windeln, Schneiden, Schauen / lueg, Essen, Warte, Putze, schlafe
Wasser, Schnee
Heiss, Kaputt, Fein, Dräckig
Auge, Hand
Boot, Zug, Bahn
Hase, Elefant, Bär, Affe, Loi, Fisch, Chatz
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