Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Dear Patrick...

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Today was your first proper day at nursery, the first day away from me, and it feels a bit strange. I have had three evenings out with you since you've arrived and a few hours at weekends here or there, but this is a really big step. The flat is too quiet, I keep forgetting that you are not here.

I know you are absolutely fine there - the staff adore you, your smiles and laughts, your chilled out nature. They have seen you almost every since you were a few weeks old. I know that you will be well loved and looked after at Kinderkrippe.

I know that Markus will be very protective and loving of you. I know that you will thrive on all the attention, the other children, the environment.

But a little bit of me is sad that it's no longer just you and me.

love, mami x
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