Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Feb - Running and Resolutions Log

1. exercise every day
2. write every day
3. 30 minutes on long term project every day

9th Feb
25 mins walk to Kinderkrippe, 25 mins walk back home,
blog x

8th Feb
Ran home from Kinderkrippe (16.05), walk home from Kinderkrippe
blog - no
project - no

7th Feb
Run 1 (Kinderkrippe to home): 16 minutes 17 seconds
Run 2 (Home to Kinderkrippe): 16 minutes 38 seconds
blog x 1
project - no

4th - 6th Feb - in Brussels for Mum's surprise weekend!
1st to 3rd Feb - not recorded, start of Patrick's Eingewöhnung
Tags: resolutions, running

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