Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Surprise for A

It’s A’s last day in his job today, before having 10 days off before starting the next one. I’ve bought some flowers, some bubbly (chilling in the fridge) and I’ve booked a hotel in Scuol (Unter Engadin – the bit of Switzerland that’s nearly Austria!) for next weekend. We haven’t had a holiday this year, so i’m really looking forward to 2 days away to do some walking and relaxing. Plus we’ve got 2 passes for the Spa :-) We're staying at this hotel.

It’s very sad not earning your own money, because it’s hard to keep these surprises a secret. I’ve been saving coins since June and now have (just) enough for the weekend. How anally retentive am I? I’m sure the post office counter staff hate me, ever couple of months I come in with all my rolls of 50 1F / 2F / 50 rappen / 20 rappen / 10 rappen / 5 rappen and then exchange them :-) But it’s a nice feeling when after 6 months you have 5 crisp 100F notes in an envelope to surprise your hubbie – although the cash in the envelope does have a “brown paper bag / tory / cash for questions scandal” feel!

Tags: mr.ncot, odds and sods, zürich

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