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Tweeting in the gaps - December 2011

Just created my first blurb book! Travels on Vrouwe Alberdina http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2740538?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=bookstore-share
1 Dec via Tweet Button

carrot cake in oven and preparing a dec 1st craft for our play date this afternoon!
1 Dec via web

Healthy Perfectionism http://j.mp/rqxvl6
1 Dec via LiveJournal.com

I always feel better once i have written properly on my blog! http://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/684099.html
1 Dec via web

lovely morning at ikea with new friend, her t^wins and my baby!
2 Dec via web

one son fast asleep, the other one gurgling on the bed!
5 Dec via web

I am desperate to leave the flat and go out into the wide world, but baby P is determined to keep feeding!
6 Dec via web

The pox (chicken) has come to our house :-( 1 toddler in quarantine, hope baby doesn't get it!
7 Dec via txt

Perfect prescription for small sick boy? sofa, cuddles with mami and "octonauts"!
7 Dec via txt

amazing - both boys asleep - hurrah!
7 Dec via web

Toddler doesn't have chicken pox but foot and mouth. Didn't even know humans could get it! 4 more days of quarantine :-(
8 Dec via txt

And so the day begins again -both boys grizzling. Please send me spare energy :-) TFIF! Mr noct promises to come home early, he better!
9 Dec via web

perfect - no boys in the house, just me writing christmas cards with a nice cup of tea and a yummy shortbread biscuit (or three) in hand!
10 Dec via web

listening to the glory that is Brahm's German Requiem, whilst writing christmas cards - very civilised!
11 Dec via web

http://www.helenpalmer.co.uk has been updated!
11 Dec via web

looking forward to lemon herby lamb stew for supper!
12 Dec via web

I love tuesdays - big boys off to work/kinderkrippe, little boy asleep, mummy still writing christmas cards! And nothing in diary for today!
13 Dec via web

Ha! Christmas shopping finally done with 3 online purchases for mr. ncot!
13 Dec via web

screechy screechy baby, please shush, I have been feeding you all afternoon and I have nothing left :-(
13 Dec via web

Ha! Just booked our flights to Brussels in February -something to look forward to :-)
13 Dec via web

Christmas cards written - final count: 29 for CH, 18 for europe and 6 for rest of world. Post office here I come! http://pic.twitter.com/T8zW5oeX
14 Dec

The blurb book I made arrived yesterday - am so excited! http://pic.twitter.com/AzpHyNJP
14 Dec

staying warm at home with baby, feeding, catching up on Twittertainment podcasts - bliss!
15 Dec

Off for lunch with my old boss!
16 Dec

both boys asleep and Alan out - bliss! Now working frantically at my desk :-)
17 Dec

Boys are STILL asleep, spose I better wake them up!
17 Dec

just turned my year of tweets into a word cloud - http://yearinstatus.com/s/?1rjlpnbs
17 Dec

first snow in Zurich this year.
18 Dec

completely knackered after the whole weekend looking after boys whilst Alan studied. But hey, managed to fit in a haircut and eyebrow shape
18 Dec

still snowing in Zurich, roll on a white christmas :-)
19 Dec

so happy at supper tonight - the toddler ate a portion of baked salmon :-) Our perseverence is paying off!
19 Dec

thanks to wisdom of internet, melted cooking chocolate without disaster! Tips - Small pan, large bowl, simmering water, metal spoon :-)
19 Dec

and it's still snowing :-)
20 Dec

last day before leaving Zurich for Christmas and a huge list of things still to do - aargh! Prioritise, focus, one thing at a time!
22 Dec

Can i pack for a family of four for 4 days in Bruges over christmas in 75 minutes? I hope so!
22 Dec via web

mad cleaning of flat and blogging going on! Happy Christmas everyone :-) http://pic.twitter.com/WHfFoBBk
23 Dec

finally back online after a week of holiday!
30 Dec

Books read in 2011 http://j.mp/vBENxi
31 Dec