Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolutions for 2012 - The Power of 3!

I didn't have any concrete resolutions in 2011 and therefore couldn't track my progress like I did in 2010. I did have a 30 day challenge in September, which really helped me. I also did a lot of thinking about what makes me happy and how I want to be. I missed having resolutions, reflecting on my progress and holding myself accountable.

I know what I want to achieve in 2012 - Lose weight (goal of 70kg), find a new job, complete 5k in summer and 10k in the autumn, find the right work life balance for me.

I have 3 resolutions for 2012 that will help me. By focussing on these positive changes I will spend less time on my time sinks (watching TV, drinking and eating too much).

Exercise Daily
I will do something every day, even if it is only 10 minutes of jumping on mini trampoline, or a Davina DVD, or a walk, or a run, or yoga, or personal training :-) Even just 10 minutes! Little and often, baby steps etc.

Daily food diary on Fitbug
I can't diet until I stop breastfeeding, but I can honestly record what I am eating, in the hope that a little bit less ice cream / pringles / maltesers will result in some gradual weight loss

Write Weekly
I would love to blog and post photos daily, but I know this is unrealistic given job and family. However, I can commit to some creative writing time every week and if I can write more often, then that is a bonus. Writing helps me to reflect on life and helps me find a balance and some peace in my busy head. It is vital for my mental balance and I need to prioritize it.

Each month I will record how I am doing and reflect on lessons learnt and any changes needed.

Against the backdrop of my resolutions, I remind myself of my 7 happy habits:
1. Live in the present
2. Only Connect
3. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good
4. Do one thing at a time
5. Take my space
6. Get moving each day
7. Make a Decision
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