Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Things I learnt the last 2 weeks...

... that kids can get foot and mouth (who knew!)
... that he was lucky to not have any painful symptoms, just lots of spots on his hands, feet and mouth
... that he was very infectious and we were therefore quarantined at home last week
... that I am a good mummy and we had lots of fun playing togehter
... that I found a routine for our days and found my groove
... that patrick slept a lot whilst I played with Markus
... but that a week with no time for me caused me to spend most of Thurs evening and Friday in tears
... my low mood cleared last weekend when mr.ncot took over
... and I learnt that I need relatively small amounts of time to myself to feel in control, calm and on top of things again!

Tags: family, health, mgm, pmm

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