Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2011: The Year in Pictures

Top row, left to right
Jan: Playing in the park
Feb: Uncle Chris comes to stay
Feb: Geneva with Andrea, Alex and Gabi
Feb: London Weekend for Gandhi boys Blessing

April: liz and Phoebe come to stay
May: At wedding of Andy and Gillian
May: On holiday with Sal's family in the Peak District
June: Aimee's birthday party

July: Patrick is born
July: New Family of Four leaves hospital
August: Picnic with Mags and Mano
September: Sal comes to stay

September: My Parents visit
September: Markus' (belated) 2nd Birthday Party
November: Markus and Patrick, 27 and 4 months
December: At an advent party with my boys

All my 2011 Photos
Tags: advent, family, memories
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