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Livejournal Review of 2011

It's quite simple: the first sentence of the first entry for each month in 2011 :-)
Here's what my livejournal world looked like - Markus and Patrick focussed.

Jan: Happy 2011...Resolutions review and update for 2011 will follow!

Feb: I love it when we all manage to get home early enough (from work, nursery etc) to "cook" together.

Mar: I have the flat to myself, am blogging, and eating baked beans on toast made with real (expensive, imported) cheddar cheese.

April: Dear Bump, the first person I told about you was your Papi, Alan. You were a lovely suprise for us!

May: I love this blog on being introverted by Susan Cain and this list of 16 things made me smile in recognition a few times!

June: Wise thoughts indeed for a Sunday evening - have had a weekend of decluttering and general panic about baby no.2

July: Another transition...Leaving work behind, getting ready for full time Motherhood!

Aug: Hard to believe, but little Patrick Martin has been with us for 2 weeks exactly (feels as though he has always been here with us!)

Sept: 30 days hath Septmber ...which means just enough time to start some new habits and to make the most of my maternity leave.

Oct: My Adenandanais muslin swaddles finally arrived - had been lusting after them for months and finally decided to order - lovely!

Nov: The reality is that most of my day is spent breastfeeding, pumping, cleaning baby and me up after breastfeeding, or looking after myself, so that I am ready to breastfeed again.

Dec: My name is Helen and I practice healthy perfectionism!