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TV I have been loving...

The reality of having a baby, being on maternity leave and constant breastfeeding, is that I do get to watch a lot of television :-) I love my Swisscom box and the fact that we get all the British channels. I love E4 and Channel 4 particularly. There is a lot of TV have recently seen and enjoyed and thinking about my choices has made me realise a few things about me along the way. Who said quality TV doesn’t help you become more aware? So here, in no particular order, is the TV I have been loving recently and why.

Educating Essex was a fly on the wall documentary about a comprehensive school in Essex, the teachers, and the pupils in their GCSE year. I was bowled away about how much the teachers cared about their students and really tried hard to rescue the desperate cases. There was a lot of humanity shown throughout the series. In one of the last episodes, the “hard” but lovelable lad finally got a c grade for his English and it was evident that this meant the world to the team who had been supporting him.

I am absolutely LOVING Symphony , a series about the development of the Symphony, and therefore about the orchestra, the composer and their role in society. The last episode is this coming week, but so far it has covered my composer heroes – the holy trinity of Beethoven, Berlioz and Brahms. It has reminded me of my A Level in Music which I studied when I was 16 to 18. I loved music history and this programme does an excellent job of relating the music to its wider sociological and geographical context, taking in art, architecture and city planning examples along the way. Long live the symphony!

How I met your Mother is just classic friends comedy, it is “legen…wait for it….dary” and now that I have figured out that Barney Stimpon is played by the guy that was Doogie Howser, I feel a lot better!

The period drama about PAN AM airlines set in the 50s and 60s has me hankering over the glamour and the lifestyle of the flight attendants. On the way hand, this era was the start of women having their own careers, being able to see the world on their own (professional) terms. And yet, the feminist in me is enraged by the division of labour between attendants and pilots.

The Food hospital is inspiring me to improve my eating and cooking habits. At the moment my baby weight is not coming off, I feel slow and heavy and lethargic. I am trying to remind myself to eat slower, eat more fruit and veg, more wholemeal stuff. I know that I am comfort eating at the moment, but also know that until I stop breastfeeding, the weight probably won’t shift! My main priority each day though is to cook a family meal so that we can all eat together. And I am still desiring a kenwood chef!

My transsexual summer follows seven people on their transgender journys. In the last episode, Dawn finally gets a job working as a waitress. She had been to college but had never had a full time job. She was so excited at getting this job, excited about having lunch breaks, making friends etc. I found that so touching. It is easy to forget how we build our identity through work and how we gain self esteem through doing a honest day’s work.

Waybaloo is Markus’ favourite show – he faithfully joins in with the yoga poses and is getting quite good!
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