Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 42: One decision

Each day, pick one decision you made, and reflect on how it affected your day. Also, think about how the day might have been different if you had made a different choice.

You could pick a big decision: Deciding to stay home sick, or buy a new car.
You could pick an average decision: Deciding what to do with your afternoon.
You could pick a tiny decision: what shoes to wear, or what to have for breakfast.

You might be surprised at how one decision can change the course of your whole day, not to mention how many decisions you make in a day.

Today’s decision was to move my a*** and go out for a run / walk up and down the Uetliberg. It’s really cold and misty here today, and I really didn’t want to go outside in the cold. However, as is always the case, once I was out there it was fine. I can now get up and down the mountain in 56 minutes (when I started in September it was about 80minutes) and it feels so good to be running again (even if downhill!!)

The beauty of this decision is that it’s self-fulfilling and rewarding. The run allowed me to work out my frustrations with myself and my decisions, I felt great once I’d got to the top and I really enjoyed running back down. And there’s nothing better than knowing you’ve done your exercise for the day, you’ve earned your 364 calories and then stepping into a hot, hot shower.

Photo is of my best mate and I running the 2001 London Marathon - this was at mile 6!
Tags: journaleers, running, writing

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