Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Balanced Bodies

Had my first pilates session today with Lynne at Balanced Bodies and it was great! I would highly recommend her…

The Studio is really well equipped and beautifully light and airy, just set back off the Bleicherweg in Zurich. I was pleased that Lynne picked up on the same points / weaknesses that my Physio & Pilates Teacher in London knew about, and it was good to get a posture check :-)

My muscle control around my middle is still there, but needs strengthening, and it felt good to be doing exercises that challenged my stability. I’ve got a few ideas for practising at home now! I also had worked on the trapeze bars (see photo, although not quite like that!) and on the reformer. The equipment is so much fun! Hope to schedule my time and finances so I can go back from some regular semi-private lessons. I felt so good walking home, really stretched!

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