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Bad Mother Day

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Yesterday was a unmitigated disaster - if they rescinded mother membership, I would be in big trouble!

Day started well with this charming monthly picture of my little Markus. We actually made it to playgroup but then disaster. I managed to shut M's little fingers in the door. He was howling, I was howling, luckily some other mummies there looked after both of us. We left early, Markus clingy, me still traumatised.

Luckily the fingers were fine. So in the afternoon I made a big effort and we all left the house to get some fresh air, do the recycling and go to the playground. Leaving the house Markus misses a step and falls down. More screaming, but no damage.

En route to playground we pass Starbucks and we might have been there a few times in the last weeks and thanks to developing toddler memory, Markus now knows exactly what fun there is to be had in there.

In my defence, my resistance was low, it was cold and I did need a cup of tea :-) Patrick slept, letting Markus and I have a drink (babyccino and chai latte) and watch the world go by. "Tram!" He also learn about magic doors that open when you go and stand by them. He was helpless with laughter. I was stuck feeding Patrick whilst trying to show no boob or cleavage to the rest of the Starbucks clientele - but also laughing.

By the time mr.ncot got home, order was restored. Meal on table. Toddler sitting on sofa chilling and watching "Abney and Teal". Mission (sort of) accomplished

Mama (should of!) told me there'd be days like these
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