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Postnatal yoga and I ache already!

It was a bit of an effort this morning (bad night, plus foggy morning) but Patrick and I got to postnatal yoga at 10am just round the corner, along with new friend Laura with baby Sienna. Patrick was so asleep as I was ready to leave that I didn't want to disturb warm, cuddly, tucked up baby - but I did anyway!

So, postnatal yoga at birthlight is great. Simple looking exercises and poses which were actually quite difficult! And I already knew the teacher Giselle from my pregnancy aquayoga sessions. Plus, they have an unlimited autumn - as many classes until 21st Dec for the relatively bargain price of CHF 200. So, more yoga sessions, here I come!

I now have the virtous feeling of having exercised so this afternoon I am taking it easy at home, just chilling with my little lad, feeding, sitting on sofa etc.