Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick, Week 13 / Month 3

Today I finally captured the first proper smile on camera, even though he has been smiling for weeks now, they stop when the Paparazzi appear :-) Lots more gurgles and leg kicking. Papi gets a few embryonic laughs, I just get lots of sick, in on and around me and baby!

Sleeping, or lack thereof is a bit of a problem. Patrick has got used to staying up until the wee early hours ie 1 or 2am, before settling for the night. This is doing my head in and I am knackered.

Markus continues to be lovely to Patrick, brings him toys, says hello and goodbye, "helps" me with the pram on the stairs, opens the front door for me and "pulls" the pram into the hallway :-)

Month 3 & Week 13
Tags: pmm, pmmphotos
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