Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tales from the Tram

This weekend I am home alone with both boys - Alan left yesterday morning really early to see his family in Dublin. Yesterday I took Markus to nursery and collected him, hence the tram tales.

Tram tale no 1
The morning tram filled up with a school class of noisy, energetic kids - probably around 9 and Markus and I enjoyed watching them muck around and marvel at their Teacher's zen-like calm! As we got off, all the kids rushed ahead and I struggled to lift Markus down the steep steps first and then tried to wrestle the double buggy

The two boys who I had pegged as "cheeky chappies", full of mischief and not very observant, saw Markus on the kerb, held his hand, talked to him and then the other boy helped me down with the pram. I was so floored. I said thanks and have a nice day and they both replied so politely and then ran off to join their class. Markus stared after them in adoration! I hope my boys turn out like that :-)

Tram tale no 2
My metamorphosis into my Mother continues....
On the way home, I spat on a tissue and cleaned Markus' face - he he!
Tags: mgm, zürich

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