Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

30 days had September - how I did!

I set myself some resolutions for September and they did really help me to focus and move on.

I realised that I don't actually walk much each day, averaging less than 6000 steps most days. My fitbug goals are to do 7000 steps a day, of which 3400 should be aerobic. However, I am consistently getting nearer the target. In October I will briskly walk 20 minutes a day with the pram, on a good day twice! And I will start hitting my daily targets :-)
But today, I clocked 8112 steps (achieved goal of 6900 steps) and I clocked 3075 aerobic steps (nearly met goal of 3400 steps). I am making progress!

I didn't blog every single day - I had 26 posts on 17 days - and a good mix of "what I did" posts and more reflective ramblings. This month? More of the same. I have a folder of post ideas, so hope to work my way through these. Committing to writing each day makes it easier to write more. I know that my posts can be short and sweet if necessary!

And wow, did I get lots of tasks done from my lists! Too many tasks to mention, but I ordered the things I needed to order from the internet, subscribed to the Harvard Business Review and Intelligent life, cleared my intray, got up to date with bills, tasks and paper work, set up a backup routine for my laptop, setup the new printer/scanner and generally got on top of things again. Oh, and got up to date with ordering the professional photos of markus and patrick. The idonethis.com website really helped! I think I watched less TV and faffed less, I hope I also lost some weight in September! I also felt good that I found time to get things done for me.

October will focus on the clearing up tasks - ie sorting my bureau, sorting bookshelves, refiling University notes and collating memory boxes, but more importantly - throwing most of my bits of paper away - and just keeping what is relevant for my memories. I want to focus on photos in November!

In October I will:
- Walk briskly for 20 minutes each day
- Do my core muscle exercises each day
- Blog daily
- Do one task a day
Tags: done, resolutions, writing

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