Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Bad Day, Good Day

Yesterday / Bad Day
* parents leave
* baby had slight reaction to injections
* baby fed nonstop from 6 in evening, to 2am next morning

Today / Good Day
* Slept til midday (woke at 5am and 8am to feed)
* Cleared up flat
* Baked carrot cake and banana cake
* 2 loads of washing done
* also washed play gym
* 2 new user pics (see below)
All my userpics here


30 days challenge
Blogged - yes (yesterday no)
Logged - 2387 steps (yesterday 3736)
Done - 2 new userpics, visit from work colleagues, 2 cakes made, various website searches (bought breastfeeding tops)
Tags: lj, odds and sods

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