Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - August 2011

lovely bank holiday day at home with sister! Family meal out, both boys well behaved!
1 Aug via web

listening to the 1st August (swiss national day) fireworks!
1 Aug via web

Attempting first solo nursery pickup with newborn toddler and double buggy - wish me luck :-)
2 Aug via txt

mad weekend of organising flat, clearing attic and cellar, going to dump etc. am exhausted!
7 Aug via web

sister has just left after 10 days with us -Markus adores her! Very sad :-(
10 Aug via web

happy birthday markus, 2 today - we celebrated with homemade cupcakes iced to look like the very hungry caterpillar :-) fairly successful!
14 Aug via web

First day home alone with both boys - wish me luck! All good so far but its only 0830!
15 Aug via txt

life is good, the baby is sleeping likea baby, the toddler is playing happily by himself and hasn't noticed that I am on the laptop - bliss!
15 Aug via web

Having a quiet chilled day at home with baby!
16 Aug via txt

A beautiful sunny day and hopefully my last check up at hospital!
18 Aug via txt

finally caught up with my reading in Google reader!
18 Aug via web

have had baby p on lap all afternoon - boy, is he a good hotwater bottle :-)
18 Aug via web

hurrah - inbox finally cleared, all emails answered :-)
18 Aug via web

Patrick's First Month http://j.mp/nfWkKS
19 Aug via LiveJournal.com

Just got my one month performance review from babya - a great big satisfied belch after feeding :-) Very satisfactory feeling!
19 Aug via web

terrible night - cluster fed from 1am to 330am :-( Then awake at 0630. Yawn. I sense a mid morning nap for Mummy!
19 Aug via web

hurrah, baby now asleep, quick, mami needs to follow suit!
19 Aug via web

peace reigns - the 2 big boys have gone for a walk, and baby is alseep :-) Looking forward to bestest mates coming to visit this weekend!
20 Aug via web

Just found a lovely post on the crappy laws of parenting! http://crappypictures.typepad.com/crappy-pictures/2011/08/laws-of-parenting-1illustrated-with-crappy-pictures.html
20 Aug via web

Off to work to show off baby Patrick!
22 Aug via txt

5 hours sleep in a stretch for me last night, thanks baby :-) I feel full of beans today!
23 Aug via txt

attic has now finally been cleared and organised :-)
25 Aug via web

today baby has been mostly fussing, burbing, farting, scrabbling and constantly feeding!
25 Aug via web

A beautiful sunny day and baby and I are off for my 6 week check up! Want the all clear to start exercising again :-)
31 Aug via txt
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