Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - July 2011

breakfast disaster - all 3 bottles of milk gone off! have sent the boys out for emergency supplies :-)
1 Jul via web

have had lots of compliments this week on how "good" I look in the last weeks of pregnancy. Nice to know I am glowing, even if I feel huge!
1 Jul via web

Last day at work before starting materntiy leave with baby no. 2 and still a few tasks to finish!
1 Jul via LinkedIn

Pregnant baby and bump are finally leaving the building! Projects delegated, empty inbox, clear desk, now off for 6 mths maternity leave :-)
1 Jul via LinkedIn

Nicest sound in world? Waking up to hear hubbie getting toddler up :-)
3 Jul via txt

Disaster of the day - my 5 year old laptop has died. Blue screen of death and memory parity error. Plus can't find admin pw. HELP!
3 Jul via txt

On maternity leave and supposed to be relaxing - but realise that i have 6 appts today! How did i overbook myself?
5 Jul via txt

sneak preview of our photo shoot 2 weekends ago! http://www.clairepearsonphotography.com/blog/?p=3706
7 Jul via web

laptop is still dead - mr.ncot and I will try and recover some data tomorrow. So off to buy a new laptop and get it set up by birth of baby!
7 Jul via web

after 2 hospital appts this week, the medical opinion is that I have to have a c section at 38 weeks + 1day. Am gutted but baby is well :-)
7 Jul via web

Feel very loved and supported by friends today - online and in person! Thx all :-)
8 Jul via txt

just had one of those late pregnancy hysterical laughing - involved alan as the deerhunter (with music) spraying fruit flies in the kitchen!
9 Jul via web

busy day ahead - off to buy hp laptop and printer, plus software - then birthday party for lovely aimee :-)
9 Jul via web

Enjoying sunday brunch at "kafi fuer dich" - next stop the sandpit and pool at baeckeranlage park. Perfect sunday!
10 Jul via txt

It's the final countdown! How much can i get done this week?
11 Jul via txt

Thanks to a dear friend i got a lovely pedicure yesterday - markus is intrigued by my turquoise toenails this morning :-)
11 Jul via txt

spending some reflective time with moleskin notebook and journal - trying to prepare for birth and change and stuff.
12 Jul via web

It's a hard life! Just spent the afternoon at the lake :-) temp 28 and water temp 22 grad!
12 Jul via txt

Am now officially at the lumbering end of pregnancy - plus I need a strategic push from mr. Ncot to get me off the sofa :-)
12 Jul via txt

Very excited to be setting up new hp laptop
13 Jul via txt

been basically offline for 10 days and now have 277 new things to read in google reader!
13 Jul via web

Just off to my favourite spa with bestest mate J (late birthday pressie!) - Serious chilling here I come :-) http:// www.panoramaresort.ch
13 Jul via web

wow. a whole day at home without appointments - whatever will I do with myself? Some nesting and organising I feel!
14 Jul via web

mr.ncot, technical genius that he is, has managed to crack into my very sick laptop and recover my data, using ubuntu. I owe him, again :-)
14 Jul via web

Still faffing around with laptop, but I now have 99% of my data and a full new backup and all my photos back, so I am a happy nerd :-)
15 Jul via web

I am on a roll this morning, ordering final stuff online, sorting photos, writing some blog posts - I am pregnant mama, hear me roar!
15 Jul via web

laptop is setup I have lots to write about, so watch out for a flurry of livejournal posts, tweets & facebook updates. ncot typing fingers*
15 Jul via web

have converted phil&teds pram to newborn/toddler model. v chuffed with self :-)
15 Jul via Mobile Web

Am not ready to stop being pregnant just yet, want more time just me and the bump :-)
15 Jul via txt

In last hour have put wash on, loaded diswasher, cooked for M and installed s/w all while mr.ncot naps!! Who's preg again? :-)
15 Jul via txt

Just enjoyed lovely romantic meal with mr.ncot at the lake in Zurich. Beautiful sunset, full moon, great conversation, what could be nicer?
16 Jul via web

mr.ncot is in full on nesting mood - help! I am hiding in bed with the laptop :-)
16 Jul via web

2011_06_23 Week 34 / Month 8 and still bum down http://j.mp/oeJUpe
16 Jul via LiveJournal.com

we are still furiously nesting - we were up until late last night sorting out the network, today the nursery is nearly finished!
17 Jul via web

Nursery is now done, bills paid, toddler m asleep, am now furiously catching up with blogs. Afterwards? Bath and bed!
17 Jul via web

13 blog postings done, 15 still to do, bring it on :-)
17 Jul via web

A lush bath break from blogging, last wallow for 6 weeks at least :-(
17 Jul via web

31 blog posts in about 5 hours - this has to be some sort of personal record. I love my writing therapy :-) http://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com
18 Jul via web

the final, final countdown! Leaving home in about 30 minutes!
18 Jul via web

Welcome to the world Patrick Martin Moran. Born yesterday at 12.06, 3.5kg and 50cm! We are SO happy and Mami and baby doing well!
19 Jul via txt

check m.flickr.com/#/photos/nice_cup_of_tea/ for photos of Patrick!
19 Jul via Mobile Web

Patrick and i are packed and ready to leave hospital. Feeling excited and scared!
23 Jul via txt

We are all home and survived our first night, just :-) Now spending rest of day in bed with baby and sunday papers!
24 Jul via txt

Happy first week birthday patrick! Settling in well at home and eating like a champ :-)
25 Jul via txt

all 3 boys have left the building? And what i am doing? Cleaning the flat and vacuuming :-( Now off to chemist to get painkillers :-)
25 Jul via web

Bliss! Let out on my own and enjoying 10 minutes of reflection and tasty drink at my fav Stauffacher Starbucks :-)
25 Jul via txt

We have no landline or internet at the mo - damn swisscom, but hurrah for reliable sunrise and surfing via mobile!
27 Jul via txt

very frustrated that we still have no internet or landline at home, am currently surfing furiously at Starbucks, can't get into livejournal
28 Jul via web

just had another great photoshoot with the lovely claire, thanks! http://www.clairepearsonphotography.com/
30 Jul via web
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