Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

I am turning into my Mother...

... and why this is a good thing!


My mum is a fantastic person. At my age, she had 3 children, the youngest, my sister Kate would have been 2. She taught primary school her entire working life and taught piano from home for 30 years! Now that she and Dad are retired, they are sailing their renovated durch barge through France and Belgium. As her photos show, Mum at 5, looks like Mum now! I talked to her yesterday and had to admit I had a bit of cry, since they have not yet been able to get here to see Patrick. Plus I was feeling very hot, hormonal and fat yesterday.

Anyway, I am convinced that when you give birth, you get a download of mum hormones and instructions. Having baby boy no 2, these seem to have been turbocharged. I realised the other day that I am becoming like my Mum and I think this is a great thing.

The evidence...

1. I adore watching "Who do you think you are" and keep thinking about delving back into our family. My Mum is our archive keeper and I know that I will probably inherit the boxes of photos and papers in due course. I am currently clearing our flat of clutter, but am carefully deciding which memories and artefacts to keep, so that we can build our family's history.

2. Am suddenly cooking loads more and baking - bread, carrot cake, banana cake and fairycakes - all in the last 2 weeks. I feel the need to potter in the kitchen and produce healthy but tasty things to eat. This week's challenge is to make a birthday cake for the toddler. Still haven't mastered glace icing, but hey, I am a Mami, hear me roar - how hard can it be? :-)

3. Final damning piece of evidence - I want one of these :-)

On a side note, my brother realised he was turning into our Dad, when he bought a sensible scandinavian estate. True, it was a Saab, rather than my Dad's choice in the 80s of volvos - but close enough!
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