Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

In comparison to last time...

Having just written about breastfeeding and trying to find a balance, I took a look that posts I wrote after Markus was born. Boy, did I write a lot :-) How did I manage that? A pleasant surprise!

6 weeks after having Markus I was still trying to recover physically, had put on 2.5kg and was also battling with my list of shoulds, woulds and wishes

I also wrote about the 10 lessons from my baby which are in fact still relevant!

I saw a photo of me yesterday which sent me into a bit of spin. The camera doesn't lie and it shows just how much weight I have to lose. 5kg to get to pre preg weight, but 10 to 15kg to get back to a really healthy weight for me height. I know it takes a while but I am impatient and feeling a bit blue :-(

Tags: health, pmm
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