Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

30 days hath September....

...which means just enough time to start some new habits and to make the most of my maternity leave.

A few things happened in the last few days to prompt me to this place.

Firstly, a few online friends noticed that I had been absent and gently checked up on me. Thank you, you know who you are :-) For the record, baby Patrick is going through a growth spurt and all I seem to do each day is feed me then feed him!

Patrick was 6 weeks old on Monday and I had my postnatal checkup this week. Everything nicely healed and I am fine to start exercising again. Now that 6 weeks has past, it feels like the immediate rest and recovery phase is over and I am now looking forward and thinking about the rest of my maternity leave. Patrick is definitely out of his newborn phase. Time to get moving, get active and enjoy every single moment together.

I know from the past that when I write regularly, I feel more together and focussed. Today I also watched a TED video podcast from a chap called Matt Cutts, about how 30 days is the perfect length of time to learn new things.

So, since it's September 1st, here are my three 30 day challenges. I hope that these will act as a bridge - helping me to build new habits and to focus on the time and energy that I have.

Writing regularly will also help me to appreciate the here and now with Patrick. My artist and cartoonist friend Sarah (jabberworks on livejournal) flexes her artistic muscles every day by doing a daily sketch, focussing on getting it done, rather than perfection (but her sketches are fantastic, nonetheless!) I want to do a daily blog and by doing so, will get round to writing down all the posts and ideas which are currently floating around my head.

Logging my steps on fitbug will help me to monitor my activity levels as they are now and to gradually increase them and to start doing more exercise ie post natal yoga.

Doing just one thing from my monster todo list will help me to at least shift 30 tasks from the list and will help me to focus on one thing at a time, but to do this consistently.

30 days challenge
1. Blog every single day, no matter how short or significant
2. Log my steps on fitbug
3. Complete one task from my monster todo list (which means I will get 30 done by the end of the month!)

That feels better. And I will keep this in mind:

Don't let the perfect by the enemy of the good

30 day challenge
- blogged
- logged (6033 steps)
- completed (set up fitbug)

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