Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick's First Month

I can't believe it is 18th August already! Here's Patrick's first month...

Well our little lad now longer has scrawny red chicken legs, but plump marshmallow ones. He has a sort of 3 hour feeding routine, except when he wants to feed every hour, on the hour! He is now 4.62kg and 54cm, putting on half a kilo last week alone! He is more alert and I have a better chance now of getting photos with his eyes open! Patrick still has a steady stream of visitors coming to wish him well.

I seem to be surviving on little sleep and have remarkable amounts of energy. Knock on wood, but I feel good so far :-) Although I had forgotten how physically draining breastfeeding is and how it makes you want to fall asleep sitting up! I am eating like a horse to keep up with Patrick's appetite.

Summary - life is damn good!

Week 4

Week 3
Tags: family, pmm, pmmphotos
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