Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Favourite Food

Dear Bump

We didn't reall have a favourite food or any special cracings. My heartburn was bad again all
pregnancy. I drank lots of milk, ate lots of yoghurt and mainlined rennies! Your Dad and I ate lots of take aways (pizza, curries, singapore noodles) because we were often too busy or lazy to cook! I ate some ice cream towards the end. Also lots of strawberries and cream, raspberries and cream, fruit wähe (tart) and cream, cherries. See a dairy connection?

lots of love

your mum-to-be


See all my postcards to my bump (ptmb2.0) posts here - they are being written now, but being retro-posted to fill my lj gaps!!
Tags: pb2.0, ptmb2.0
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