Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Differences and similarities

Dear Bump

I have really enjoyed this pregnancy with you, starting as it did with such a wonderful surprise! The pregnancy was similar to Markus, and at the same time completely different!

I had the same care at 10 weeks, I had the same heartburn from start to finish, the same breech position baby and same weird lopsided bump :-) I like the fact that both my babies have been in the special 3% of breech babies, but that both got comfortable, used the space and grew SO BIG!

And different? I was a lot more relaxed with you - I knew what was coming in the pregnancy and I really looked forward to each stage. The time went a lot faster and I relaxed more, I was just so happy that we were getting another child. We panicked less and I did less in preparation, I read hardly any books! But I also head less time to daydream about you, or write so much to you. I put on a little bit less weight this time (under 12 kilo rather than 13.5 kilo) and my bump was smaller.

I kept a lot more active this pregnancy (mostly because I was chasing after your brother, he has a turn of speed!), I trained with my friend Katha, and did 3 different water classes!

And now in the final week I don't want this pregnancy to end. I enjoy finding your head and caressing it. I enjoy feeling you squirm around, even though it is sometimes quite painful. I want to keep you safe and inside me as along as possible. I have enjoyed being pregnant and maybe this is the last time.

I like my new shape, my freaky high bump. I like being pregnant, being looked after, being in this special waiting period.

I don't like being 12kg heavier and carrying this weight aorund, I don't like not being able to sleep, I don't like being so goddamn HOT the whole itme! But other than that, it's all good :-)

lots of love

your mum-to-be


See all my postcards to my bump (ptmb2.0) posts here - they are being written now, but being retro-posted to fill my lj gaps!!
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